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From stay-at-home moms to professional network marketers, everyone pays bills. My Bill Assist Club was built to address the financial needs of practically anyone, and is designed to make it simple and easy for everyday people to access the network and get their bills paid.

A Quick Tour Of The Network

How Does It Work?

1Create a free account.

2Click 10 Ads Daily, Refer Friends/Family and market your referral link to earn money and get new referrals.

3 As a Build free Network Member Earn $0.01 per click & $0.01 per upgraded referral and 0.001 for upgraded referrals made by a member of your team. It’s a win-win for everyone!.

4Upgrade to at least the $1.50 Max Payout Membership for $1.25 when your reach the payout amount of at least $1.50 as a Build Free Network Member

7Request your first payout.

Who We Are

My Bill Assist is a network marketing company. We exist so that everyday people that can afford a $1.25 membership fee can earn enough money to pay their bills just by engaging in our network marketing program. Our network marketing opportunities vary, and depending on how much effort you put into each opportunity, you could earn thousands of dollars each month you can use those funds to pay your bills or buy a new car, go on a much needed vaction etc.. ...

Some Other Really Cool Facts

1We accept Litecoin for the $1.00 membership fee, and we payout in Litecoin.

2My Bill Assist Club happily rewards you for up to 7 levels of referrals! You’ll personally earn $0.02 for every direct referral that upgrades and $0.002 for referrals made by a member of your team. It’s a win-win for everyone! Checkout our FAQ’s for more information.


Don't Delay!

Your Bill-Free Life Is Only A Couple Clicks Away.