Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I have more than one Account?


Take advantage of compounding interest with your MyBillAssistClub earnings by investing in multiple accounts.


2. Can I request a payment when my account Membership expires?

No you must upgrade to click ads and request payout

3. Can I convert my account balance to purchase balance?

No all upgrades must be purchased directly using litecoin.

4. What is the minimum payout and how long does it take to receive my payment?

Minimum Payout Is Different For Each Membership Level

Investment and 1st half profit is paid instantly


2nd Half Profit Payouts Are Paid In 3 Days

5. How it works?

Welcome to MyBillAssistClub – We are here to help you grow your investments with just a few simple clicks. Our GUARANTEED PAYOUT SYSTEM ensures that you can earn 10% returns on your investments in only 3 days. All you need to do is create a free account with us, upgrade to any membership level you like and click 10 ads daily for 3 days. When you're done, request for an instant payout and receive 105% of your investment. That's not all - if you want to earn the remaining 5% , just wait until your membership expires, request your payout and upgrade to any membership level of your choice. Once that is done, just submit a support ticket and ask us to review your work. After verifying your successful completion of all tasks, we will pay you the 5% profits right away. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now with MybillAssistClub and start earning the returns you deserve!

Share this incredible opportunity with your friends, family and colleagues to earn passive income through our seven level referral system! Just refer people to our services and get paid. When they upgrade their plans, you will get a bonus of $0.01 and an additional $0.001 for every referral they make, up to seven levels deep. Start building your income today!





Don't forget - all memberships expire in 2 days! Makesure to upgrade your membership first,then click your ads every day for 3 days. Once you've clicked all of your ads
for the 3rd day, don't forget to request your payout right away.

$3 Return Cost $2.75 Profit $0.25

$6 Return - Cost $5.50 Profit $0.50

$12 Return - Cost $11 Profit $1

$24 Return - Cost $22 Profit $2

$48 Return - Cost $44 Profit $4

$96 Return - Cost $88 Profit $8

$192 Return - Cost $176 Profit $16

$384 Return - Cost $352 Profit $32

$768 Return - Cost $704 Profit $64

$1,536 Return - Cost $1,408 Profit $128

$3,072 Return - Cost $2,816 Profit $256

6. How do I get paid?

We send all payout requests in Litecoin