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Published on Feb 23rd, 2023 11:55 am

Greetings to all! We are sorry to announce that we are unable to sustain our HYIP plan, so please be assured that all current investments will be fulfilled. As an alternative, we are now implementing a referral-based system. For more information, please read the details below. 


Introducing our newest referral based income program – a low cost monthly investment of only $2.49 to unlock your chance at unlimited earnings potential! We've crafted this program to provide members of all financial backgrounds the opportunity to gain an income. Our referral system provides an unprecedented payout plan, offering FREE members a 2 cent per month commission on all of their personal upgraded direct referrals and an additional 2 cent per month on every upgraded referral made by their entire downline, 7 levels deep! Upgraded members are rewarded even more handsomely, collecting $1.00 per month per direct referral upgrade, and an extra $0.15 per month on every additional upgrade made by members in their entire 7 level downline.


Take your future into your own hands today – join the Referral Based Income Program and enjoy instant withdraws to your litecoin wallet!


Also going forward, we will only display advertisements when someone makes a purchase, meaning there will be no further posts of admin ads.


For Upgraded Members My Bill Assist Club
happily rewards you for up to 7 levels of
referrals! You’ll personally earn $1.00 for
every upgraded direct referral you make
and $0.15 for referral made by a member of
your team. It’s a win-win for everyone!

For example, if each member referred only 5 upgraded members.
Level 1: 5 Members X $1.00 = $5.00
Level 2: 25 Members X $0.15 = $3.75
Level 3: 125 Members X $0.15 = $18.75
Level 4: 625 Members X $0.15 = $93.75
Level 5: 3125 Members X $0.15 = $468.75
Level 6: 15,625 Members X $0.15 = $2,343.75
Level 7: 78,125 Members X $0.15 = $11,718.75


Please Note: This illustration is only an
example of how our compensation
program works. Everyone's outcome may
be different, depending on the amount of
effort that is applied.



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